The Kiki Kamanu motto was inspired by the fascinating life of Ziryab, a Moor from 8th century Baghdad and Andalusia.  Truly ahead of his time, Ziryab is credited with the introduction of the open toed sandal, the change in wardrobe we enjoy per season, the modern day stringed instrument, the lute and a string of other firsts. Kiki Kamanu is constantly motivated by Ziryab’s spirit of originality, creativity and vision as she designs her pieces.

Arm Kandy

pieces are painstakingly crafted by highly skilled artisans, this unique handbag line is rich in leathers, genuine furs and exotic skins skin and  is made in limited quantities. The Arm Kandy bags are lined with vibrant colours and come with a matching dustbag.  Arm Kandy ranges from overnight bags to clutches to the ‘man bag’ and are indeed wearable art which proudly reflects her clients’ individuality and showcase their high fashion and style. They say “I am” and not “Me too”.

Omakáa & Z.bird

are the ready-to-wear women’s lines.    Z.bird, with its playful avant garde designs enhanced by colourful and bold fabrics, is a casual wear line. It is created for the woman who projects an image of “something different.” Omakáa showcases regal formal wear and projects an air of confidence and originality.


the menswear line has bespoke pieces crafted from Thai raw silk  and denim kaftans with detailed embroidery, ready-to-wear casual tees and clothes energized and accented with leather and bold prints.  E.K.Z. leather belts, wallets and slip off sandals are a funky way to pull any look together. This line is perfect for the man who never shies a way from standing out in a crowd.